Format:  DVD Video

Nightmare on Beacon Street   (Click here to watch the clip)
TRT:  90 minutes

Starring:   Laraine Turner, Joe Conseco, David Manwill,  Tommy
Pickett,  Howard Davis,  Cynthia Lyons

Produced by:  Jess Turner Productions

Women on Beacon street are prime targets for an escaped rapist.  
One by one, each young woman fall prey and end up at the city
morgue.   Except for one survivor and now the escaped rapist is on the
rampage to silence her before she can identify him to the police.  Jill
Tanner after surviving the brutal rape is now in a state of shock and will
not speak to anyone.  Her parents, who try desperately to console her
are at a point of not knowing what to do.  Soon, Jill comes face to face
with her attacker and now the race is on.  Will she survive this
nightmare or will the convicted, escaped rapist put an end to her

Rated R for strong violence and language

Title:    Zombies Invade Pittsburg  (Click here to watch the clip)
TRT:     90 minutes

Starring:  David Manwill, Tommy Pickett, Laraine Turner
Howard Davis, Nina Turner, Jody Flores, Cynthia Duran
Liza Cervi

Produced by:  Jess Turner Productions

A blood churning chiller that will leave you wondering about
the city you live in.  Residents of Pittsburg will never forget
the grueling horror of this night.  Flesh eating monsters are
stirred up at an abandoned cemetery located on the outer
limits of town.  These monsters (zombies) invade the city,
feasting on everything in their path!

Rated R for strong violence and gore
Zombies Invade Pittsburg
Nightmare on Beacon Street
Jess Turner Films
Format: DVD Video

Harvey's Place
TRT: 90 Minutes

Starring: Jess Turner, Felicia Rodriguez and Rosalinda Tenorio

Produced by:  Jess Turner Productions

Powerful Drug Overlord, Harvey Bono is released from state prison only to
once again begin his quest to own the streets and all those in it.  Stopping at
nothing and letting no one stand in his way, he releases violence and mayhem
while juggling  two women and pumping fear into the hearts of all who cross
his path

Rated R for strong violence and language
Coming Soon to theaters

Title:  Missing  (Click here to watch the clip)

Produced by:  Jess Turner Productions

Two personalities are better than one!  Tom Baker by day and Tom Becker by
night.  Ridiculed by a group of Sorority women years prior to his hospitalization,
Tom Baker takes on the identity of Tom Becker.  After being released from a
mental hospital, he now seeks out each woman and releases his own brutal
torture on them.  'Do you have a cell phone'?  When each woman comes to his
aid and offers him their cell phone, they are abducted and brought to his secret
hide-out; where they are tortured until every last drop of blood has been
drained from their beautiful bodies.  Local Detectives are clueless and baffled
at the disappearances of these women.  With no suspect in mind,
the clock ticks, will they find the killer before he completes his quest?

Rated R for strong violence, gore and language
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