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Why Your
Relationship with Your
Mom is So
When you hear the word mother,
what happens? Do you get a
rush of love or a flare of anger?
A pleasant memory or a painful
flashback? Whatever your
reaction, we can affirm that the
mother-daughter relationship is
momplicated—one of the most
complex, yet sacred, bonds
between two people.
What I Learned About
From Psych
Ward Patients
I was just a clueless C-plus
college student, semi-active in
local ministry, when a nurse
offered me a job at a mental
hospital just past town.

“You seem pretty good with
people,” she said. “Could you
use a little extra cash?”
Christians and
I need to make a confession
right up front. I’ve never smoked
marijuana. I’ve never been drunk
with alcohol. In fact, I’ve never
used an illicit drug of any sort. I
mention this because I’m quite
sure that some will object to
what I say in this article by
insisting that I have no right to
speak about an experience in
which I’ve never personally
Are You a Grinch at
Christmas? Take the