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How Being Bullied
Almost Broke Me
“Kids are cruel,” society justifies.
“It’s a tough age,” counselors
explain. But these remarks do
nothing except popularize the
idea that bullying is just a rite of
passage. That being slandered
and tormented is just a part of
teenage life. Like being called
ugly, fat, annoying, and
unwanted is as routine as
learning to drive a car.
Is It Time to Break Up
With Social Media?
If we don’t have a healthy,
biblical mindset when we move
our thumbs to scroll through
Instagram and Twitter, it can rob
us of the joy and abundant life
that is found in Jesus Christ.

How can you know if your joy is
being stolen, too? Think about
your answers to these ten
questions, and consider if it
When Altar Calls
Don’t Work: A
Personal Testimony
I grew up as a pastor’s kid, the
third of four children. Or was it
fourth? For years I believed I was
born 30 seconds before my
identical twin, Josh. But he
recently challenged this 33-year-
old fact, turning the Bailey
family world order upside-down.
Brands Who Use
Homosexuality in
Kimberly-Clark’s toilet paper
brand Cottonelle is the latest to
use homosexuality in
promotional advertising, as one
of the commercials in its
recently-released “Down There
Care” series centers on advising
a man to give himself a
“confidence boost” in meeting
his partner’s parents for the first
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