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Idolatry in the Present
Day: What are
Today's Idols?

Today idolatry remains a
powerful tool that the devil uses
to turn us away from God.
However, now it has taken many
different forms.
 Just like in the
stories from the Old Testament,
there are many pleasures of life
or material goods that divert our
attention away from serving God.
Achieving these earthly goals
can consume us.  
The Husband List:
12 Non-Negotiabl
I encourage each of you to
make a husband list too. After I
made mine, I met my husband 2
months later and not only was he
every single character trait on
that list, he was more. But I
shouldn’t have been too
surprised because, “God is able
to do immeasurably more than
all we ask or imagine, according
to his power that is at work within
us.” Ephesians 3:20.
The Struggle with
Lust: Not Just a
Problem for Men

Lust Is a Human Problem.  Don’t
believe the lie that lust is a
woman’s-only problem
.  Lust has
as its focus pleasing oneself, and
it often leads to unwholesome
actions to fulfill one's desires
with no regard to the
consequences. Lust is about
possession and greed. The
Christian faith is about
selflessness and is marked by
holy living
Why Do So Many
Women Show Off
Cleavage in Church
Some women—and I am talking
about so-called "mature
believers," not lost souls or baby
Christians—come into God’s
sanctuary on Sunday morning
wearing clothes you
rather expect to see them
wearing at a dance club on
Saturday night. Their blouses
cling to their bodies, their
necklines dip so low and stretch
so wide that they reveal
cleavage, and the slits up the
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