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Are you an artist, entrepreneur or business owner and would like to be featured in our
publication?  We would be delighted to showcase your talent, service, testimony or
product within our magazine

What's a Feature Story?

A feature story is an interesting or compelling narrative about a particular person
(subject) or multiple persons that is used to deliver a message to the intended audience.

A feature story contains a beginning, middle, and an ending. The beginning of the
story explains how you arrived at this point in life. The middle of the story tells how
your life has changed. And the ending describes how your life has transformed and
provides insight into what the future may hold for you

Required Information

  • Your full name
  • City and State of residence
  • Full body shot on white background – 8 x 10 preferred
  • Head shot on white background – 8 x 10 preferred
  • Provide us your story outlining the following:
  • Place the most important points of your story in the first few paragraphs. Don't
    keep your audience guessing
  • Use quotation marks to humanize your story
  • Try to use memorable quotes that will move or surprise the reader
  • Keep your story to a maximum of 1000 words of less
  • Use font Times New Roman at size 12
  • Provide photos to enhance your story.  If you will be including a photo of

Submitting Material

If you will be providing music or any type of literature, please ensure that you have
complete copyrights to the material

Submitting Your Story

Send all feature story information to

Feature Story Fee

Being featured in our magazine would include a cover appearance and being
featured on all our social media platforms, email blasts as well as being featured
on our website under our Featured Story tab. Cost for being featured is
$500 Monthly
*Based on data calculated from social media channels and email subscriptions
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