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Jess Turner, a native of Seguin, Texas graduated from Ball High School and enlisted in the United States Army.  He served his country for a total of four years and
received his honorable discharge at Fort Ord, California.

Jess Turner made his residency and home in San Francisco, California shortly after marrying
his spouse of 43 years, Nancy.

Jess Turner was not always in film, but was always constructing something with his hands.  Developing and opening his own construction company, Jess Turner
Construction Company, he employed several residents of California and assisted with the high rise development project in San Francisco.  Eighteen years later, Mr.
Turner retired his hammer and began playing golf.  After obtaining his professional golf license, Mr. Turner founded one of
California's most prestige golf clubs; Elite Golf Club, and traveled around the country with the members to such places like Hawaii.  The Elite Golf Club was known
as the 'traveling golf club'.  Mr. Turner later turned his attention to the youth of his community.    Providing youth with free lessons, he soon opened what is now
known as 'Elite Youth Association'.  Mr. Turner gave over 500 children free lessons, provided them with free golf clubs, shoes and golf apparel, he gave the youth a
new meaning on life.  His slogan; 'We may never have a drug free city, but we can work on having drug free kids'.

For those children who wanted some other avenue to express themselves, Mr. Turner conducted and promoted the 'Elite Fashion and Modeling Shows' which
proved to be another successful return for youth.  Mr. Turner also co-hosted 'Candy Cane Land' where children would tune in to hear a fairy Tale, learn reading and
math with Chalk and Eraser, and tickle themselves blue with the goofy candy cane land fairy!

Jess Turner, in 1988, started a local talk show titled 'Jess Turner Talk Show' which is currently aired on cable channel 20 on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Topics
discussed range from violence to education.  His slogan, 'Don't Ponder it in your Heart, Let's Talk About it on the next Jess Turner Talk Show!'
Also, in 1994, Mr. Turner wrote his first movie script titled 'Too Young To Die'.  However, during the month of October, Mr. Turner wrote and directed a horror feature for local television 'Zombies Invade
Pittsburg' which was just a Halloween special, but later due to the overwhelming response, became his first fully directed film.  After releasing his first feature film, video stores were contacting Mr.
Turner's studio to display the film in their stores.  Shortly after releasing 'Zombies Invade Pittsburg', Mr. Turner began writing his next feature film, 'Nightmare on Beacon Street'.  Production began and
once the call was made for casting, residents all over were standing in line to audition for a role.  Mr. Turner has also to his film credits; 'Marriage Made in Hell, and his newly released;
'Harvey's Place'.  He is currently in production writing the screen film, 'Kids from the Hood' and will soon start casting for characters.

Honorable Awards have been given to Mr. Turner for his support of youth in his communities.  He has had numerous mentions from  Mayors, Governors and Law Enforcement officials
'Zombies Invade Pittsburg' Trailer
'Missing' Trailer
'Nightmare on Beacon Street' Trailer
Jess Turner Productions Studio
Jess Turner Talk Show
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