We play tournament style golf in accordance with the USGA, the Rules
of Golf, and our locally adopted rules.

Changes to the rules will be declared by the tournament director prior
to the start of each event.  Our format of play consists of a multiple
flight net tournament, multiple skins, and closest to pin competitions.  

We do not have any membership dues.  Guest are transitioned to
members upon playing their second round of golf with us.  
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Section 1.  NAME  
This golf club shall be known as the River City Golf Association (RCGA).  This club was formally
known as The River City Hackers.  RCGA’s lineage is traceable to The Businessmen Golf
Association, The Fire Fighters Golf Association, and includes the incorporation of The Old Timers
Golf Club.

Section 2.  OBJECTIVE
To sponsor weekly competitive open and invitational golf tournaments that are played on courses in
San Antonio and the surrounding cities.  Our focus is to promote and conserve the best interests
and the spirit of the game of golf.   

3.1.  President.  The President shall supervise the affairs of the club, preside over all meetings, and
perform tournament day admin duties.

3.2.  Vice-President/Tournament Director (TD).  The Vice-President shall perform duties as
president in the absence of the president and assists the president in execution of the presidents’
duties.  The TD is responsible for booking and scheduling all weekly tournaments.  The TD shall
administer tournament results in the absence of the Handicap Chairman.  The TD shall generate the
weekly tee sheet.

3.3.  Tournament Coordinator (TC).  The Tournament Coordinator shall perform TD duties in the
absence of the TD.  The TC shall advertise venues; grant, decline, or place players on stand-by list;
generate weekly tee sheets; coordinate with course managers; announce the rules of engagement
and any changes to the USGA rules at the onset of each venue.  The TC shall provide the official
cancellation message to the club.

3.4.  Handicap Chairman (HC). The Handicap Chairman is responsible for the calculation of all
members’ handicaps, maintaining club handicaps, publishing club handicaps, administering
tournament results, advertising tournament results, distributing the prize money, and performing
tournament day admin duties.  The HC shall be responsible for keeping an updated membership
list.  The HC is the waiver authority for appeals to all minimum round requirements.

3.5.  Treasurer. The Treasurer is solely responsible for the club bank account; two RCGA Executive
Officers are also assigned to the account.  The Treasurer shall promptly deposit and withdraw club
funds as necessary to support the RCGA’s endeavors as directed by the executive board.  The
Treasurer shall   give a financial report to RCGA every 3 months (Mar. 31, June 30, Sept. 30, and
Dec. 31) and perform tournament day admin duties.

Section 4.  MEMBERS
4.1.  Member Responsibilities.  Members are expected to strive in every manner that will promote the
club and preserve the club’s heritage.  In order for members to remain in good standing; members
are required to:

4.2.  If any member continually disregards the Rules of Golf or RCGA policies, the officers of this
club reserve the right to suspend or expel such member from this club.

4.3.  Golfers seeking RCGA membership shall apply by submitting the following to the Executive
    4.3.1.  First and last name.
    4.3.2.  Date of birth.
    4.3.3.  Email address.
    4.3.4.  Telephone number.
    4.3.5.  Current handicap and golf club affiliation, if applicable.

See paragraph 6.1; membership dues were eliminated effective 1 Feb 2016.  The RCGA player
participation fee superseded membership dues.

6.1.  The total weekly tournament fee accessed shall be $20.00.  The weekly tournament fee is
allocated as follows.
    6.1.1.  RCGA player participation fee; $2.00. (mandatory)
    6.1.2.  Closest-To-Pin entry fee; $2.00.  (mandatory)
    6.1.3.  Low net tournament entry fee; $8.00.  (mandatory for members)
    6.1.4.  Skins competition; $8.00. (optional for members; mandatory for guest and qualifiers)

6.2.  Guest can be competition eligible during their first round of play.   However, after the first round
played; guest must become a member of the club to participate in any money games.  New members
must play 5 rounds to establish a handicap. Guests must play only one round as a guest; then he or
she must commit to joining the club to continue qualifying. Guests and qualifiers do not pay the low
net entry fee until a handicap is established.

6.3.  Eligibility of new members and guest to immediately compete in the RCGA weekly tournament
shall be based on the golfer’s decision to join; and having a current established handicap with an
accredited golf club acceptable to the RCGA Handicap Chairman.
    6.3.1.  Guest and new members with a handicap according to para. 6.3 are allowed to
    compete in the weekly tournament immediately under the following conditions.
    A.  Join RCGA; the golfer must provide their first and last name, date of birth, telephone
    number, and email address, handicap, and golf club affiliation to admin.
    B.  And pays the applicable weekly tournament fee.
    6.3.2.   Guest and qualifiers that do not have an established handicap according to para. 6.3
    are eligible with a $12.00 mandatory entry fee as follows.
    A.  Pay the $2.00 player participation fee.
    B.  Pay the $2.00 closest-to-pin entry fee.  
    C.  Pay the $8.00  Skins entry fee.

Each venue will be executed as a modified shotgun start.  The tournament shall consist of a flighted
low net tournament, skins, and closest to the pin.  

8.1.  The low net flights, payout positions, and payouts are based upon the total participation of the

8.2.  Skins are won with a par or better.  Skins are paid out based on the total skin holes,
participation and are subject to a multiple skin payout per hole as follows.
    8.2.1  Double skin payout per hole when the skins purse is $299.00 or less.
    8.2.2  Triple skin payout per hole when the skins purse is $300.00 or greater.

Section 9.  HANDICAP
RCGA shall use the USGA handicap system. Handicaps shall be computed using the Score Keeper
DVD.  Adjustments to this system are at the discretion of the Club Handicap Chairman.  The
maximum handicap index is 25.

10.1.  Effective Jan 26th 2015, the payout for hole-in-one increased from $100.00 to $200.00 for
each hole-in-one made during sanctioned RCGA tournament play.  In the event of funding shortfalls
due to multiple hole-in-one occurrences; $100.00 will be reallocated from the Skins pot and $100.00
will be withdrawn from the RCGA bank account to make the prize payout.
    10.1.1.  Guest and new members that have completed less than 8 sanctioned rounds are
    eligible to compete for the hole-in-one prize set as $100.00.

10.2.  Golfers recording a double eagle shall win a $50.00 prize in addition to the skin as applicable
to the occurrence.
    10.2.1.  The double eagle payout will be funded by the Club bank account.
    10.2.2.  Members and guest are eligible; there is no minimum round prerequisite imposed.

11.1.  The Cup Championship shall consist of a 25 to 35 week series followed by a 3 week playoff.  
The Cup Championship dates shall be determined by TD with executive board coordination.  A point
system shall be used to credit performance and participation.  The points earned through the 35
week series shall remain and continue as a running total throughout the 3 week playoffs.

11.2.  Handicaps shall be assessed as normal during the 3 week playoffs.

11.3.  Point values will be doubled during the Club Championship playoffs.

11.4.  The Cup Champion shall be determined after final round of play.  And the total payout
positions shall be based upon the total amount of participation or as directed by the board.

12.1.  The tournament dates shall be determined by the TD and the board.

12.2.  Participants must have a minimum of 10 rounds from last round of the previous year’s Two
Man Club Championship to be eligible to compete.

12.3.  1st and 2nd round format shall be determined by Club Handicap Chairman.

12.4.  RCGA Cup Championship Points will be doubled for the Two Man Club Championship.

12.5.  The purse shall be based on the total participation and as directed by the board.

13.1.  The Club Four Golfer Team Four-Ball Tournament will be a one day event.  The entire field
shall compete as teams composed of four golfers.  The teams shall be determined through a blind
draw at the end of play.

13.2.  The team score shall consist of the lowest two scores per hole.  The team total scores in
ascending order shall determine the winners.  

13.3.  The tournament entry fee and the club account shall fund this tournament.  Payout and
payout position totals shall be based on the total participation and as directed by the board.

14.1.  The Texas Interclub Cup is a club challenge between The Brothers of Houston (BOH) Golf
Club and The River City Golf Association.  The BOH host a two day competition in the spring of each
year.  And the RCGA host the two day competition in the fall each year.  The Ryder Cup style format
of play is as follow.
    14.1.1  Day 1 normally starts at 12:30.  We play four-ball matches and skins.
    14.1.2  Day 2 normally starts at 8:00 a.m.  We play singles match play and skins.

14.2.  The club that accumulates the most victories; wins the rights to hold The Texas Interclub Cup.

15.1.  The Spirit of the Game.  The game of golf relies on the integrity of the individual to show
consideration for other players and abide by the rules.  All players should conduct themselves in a
disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how
competitive they may be.  This is known as “the spirit of the game of golf.”

15.2.  General.  All members are asked to conduct themselves in a manner that is beneficial to our
club and adhere to club rules as well as the course rules and regulations including dress codes, cart
regulations, liquor policies and the policies of other golf organizations.

15.3.  Order of play.  Order of play shall not be enforced.  Ready golf is the standing order for all
RCGA sanctioned golf events.

15.4.  Pace of Play.  All groups are required to keep pace with the group ahead them.  Play ready
golf at all times.  The Club Officers reserve the right to penalize slow groups.  The penalty may
include, but shall not be limited to, each golfer in the said group shall be accessed a two (2) stroke

15.5.  Player List, Tee Sheet, and Late/Tardy.  In order to play in our weekly tournament; each golfer
    15.5.1.  Be enrolled on the player list/tee sheet; or have RSVP’d and received a confirmation
    from the TD or TC.
    A.   Each golfer is required to notify the TD or TC immediately when their playing status
    has changed.
    B.   Automatic player list golfers that do not notify the TD or TC of their decision to not
    play shall be removed from the automatic player list; until that golfer applies to be
    reinstated to the automatic player list.
    15.5.2.  Arrive to the course not later than 30 minutes prior to our tee time.  Each golfer is
    recommended to arrive to the course at least 50 minutes prior to our tee time.
    A.   Golfers that arrive late/tardy to the golf course will not be allowed to participate.  
    And if so, that golfer is subject to a two (2) stroke per hole missed penalty being
    B.   Some situational exceptions may apply; enforced by the TD and TC.

Section 16.  LOCAL RULES
16.1.  Maximum Strokes.  The maximum stroke per hole is capped to par times two.  The maximum
stroke per hole is the only exception to the putt everything out rule.  Example: a golfer playing a par
4; and is laying 7 anywhere through the green.  That golfer should pick their ball up and annotate an
8 on the scorecard.
    16.1.1.  The maximum score on a par 3 is a 6; the maximum on a par 4 is an 8; and the
    maximum score on a par 5 is 10.
    16.1.2.  Golfers shall be assessed the maximum hole score for any hole that is not completed;
    or not putted out.

16.2.  Rock Rule.  Outside the hazards, if your golf ball is on rocks.  Relief without penalty is allowed
as follows.  The golfer may take a drop within 1 club length of nearest point of relief, no closer to the

16.3.  Winter Rules.  Winter Rules as determined by the Tournament Director.

17.1.  Delay, Postpone, or Stop Tournament.  The TD or TC are the only officials authorized to
STOP PLAY due to rain, lightning, mosquitoes, or other extenuating circumstances.

17.2.  Playing The Ball.  Play the ball as it lies.  Putt every ball out; except when maximum strokes
shall be tied or exceeded according to the maximum stroke rule.

17.3.  Teeing Locations.  Our standard teeing locations are one (1), two (2), and three (3) forward of
the rear-most markers regardless of color.  Golfers must declare their tee location at the first round
played annually.  Golfers will not be allowed to alternate back and forth.
    17.3.1.  Regular Tees.  Golfers under the age of 65; play from the tee area one forward of the
    rear most tee regardless of color.  These are the regular tees.
    17.3.2.  Senior Tees.  Golfers that are 65 years of age and older; are eligible to tee from the
    tee area that is two forward of the rear most tee regardless of color.  Golfers age 65 and older
    have a 1 time choice to either stay at the regular tees; or move up to the senior tees.  
    17.3.3.  Super Senior Tees. The super senior tee is the tee area situated three forward of the
    rear most tee regardless of color.  Golfers age 80 and above are eligible to tee at the three-in

17.4.  Unclear Ruling During Play.  If a ruling cannot be determined within the foursome; play 2 balls
and record both scores.  Then, present the facts of the matter to the TD, TC, and HC after the round
of play.  The club officers shall determine the final decision.

17.5.  Withdrawals.  When a golfer strikes the first shot, that golfer is “IN” irregardless of how many
holes that golfer plays and no score shall be recorded for handicap calculation.

Section 18.  AMENDMENTS
18.1.  The Executive Board is solely responsible for all club guidance, instructions, rules, policies,
and these By Laws.  The Executive Board is the sole voting body and reserves the right to amend or
implement new doctrine at anytime.

18.2.  The Executive Board is charged with the responsibility to only promote what is best for the
RCGA as a whole.

18.3.  The Executive Board shall validate all instruments annually.  And recommend modifications
based on currency, feasibility, attrition, growth, innovation, and need.

19.1.  Adopted January 17, 2017, these By-Laws were reformatted and modified to incorporate the
Club’s lineage, Tournament Coordinator, members, skins payout, handicap, Cup Championship,
Club Four-Ball Two Week Tournament, Club Four Member Team Four-Ball Tournament, Texas
Interclub Cup, The Spirit of the Game, order of play, maximum strokes, teeing locations, and
amendments in Section 18.

19.2.  Adopted or amended as of January 1, 2018: Section 6 Tournament fee increased to $20.00;
Para. 8.1 Flighting the Net competition; Para 8.2 removed quadruple Skin payout and streamlined
the language; Section 9 maximum HCP was reduced from 30 to 25; Section 10 added a double eagle
provision; Para. 10.1.1 guest are eligible to win hole-in-one prize; Para. 15.5 Player List, Tee Sheet,
Late/Tardy language; Para. 17.3.3 the super senior criteria was changed to age based only; 80
years of age.  Members previously utilizing Para. 17.3.3 eligibility are grandfathered; all new
recipients must meet the current aged based criteria.
Not be the cause of slow play
Arrive to the course before time
Commit to player list early
Withdraw from player list early
Read venue announcements
Listen to the pre-venue instructions
Study basic Rules of Golf
Not cheat
Adhere to dress code
Neatly annotate scorecard
Groom less seasoned members
Annotate calculated scores on scorecard
Listen to the pre-venue instructions
Not cause sight & sound disturbances
Leave the course in same/better condition
Respect each member
Participate in RCGA vs. BOH at home & away
Actively participate
Protect the field
Grow the club
Play ready golf!