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Counseling Services...
Take Action and Change Your Life!
Are you looking for a change in your life? Are you
looking for a greater sense of fulfillment? Are you
struggling with negativity? Are you stuck in a rut or feel
lost and don't know what to do, how to get out, or where
to turn?  Maybe you need a counselor

Sometimes we feel that things are pretty good with our
life, but we realize that something is missing. Or, even
though things are good, we realize that there is still
room for improvement.

A Counselor Is A Helper:
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Our counselors can help you examine certain areas of your life, help you create certain
actions to initiate change and help you realize your full potential! You deserve to have an
expert committed to your success. You were created with a purpose and a reason, so
maybe it's time to start living that way!

How it Works:

We will work with you over the phone and through Email, often in weekly 30 - 60 minute
sessions, in various aspects of coaching. This consists of identifying what you want to
change, clarifying your innermost values and goals, designing and encouraging you to take
action, and helping you move forward for lasting change. Our services are open to people of
all faith, and we will always work within your personal beliefs. Whether you want help
achieving a specific goal, or bringing balance to various areas, our assistance can help.

Fees are priced to budget with 30 minute sessions at $25 and 60 minute sessions at $45

If you are serious about making some changes, then let's get started!
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