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Feature Story
GRAMMY ® and DOVE Award-winning artist Guy Penrod is an
amazing vocalist to be sure.

But Guy is not just a singer, he’s a personality.

By appearance alone, Guy has a signature look that is
recognized around the world.  From hair to height, belt buckle
to boots, piercing eyes to engaging grin,  Guy is a presence
that is easily recognized.  Beyond that, there is substance
behind the style, because Penrod’s authenticity causes
people to listen to what he has to say.  Guy’s rasp-tinged
country style vocals and experience on stage over the years,
have given him the ability to be relaxed and confident in every
setting. He has a stage presence that few can pull off.

In addition, the music industry reflects Guy’s popularity.  His
DVD release, The Best of Guy Penrod, was certified platinum
by the RIAA, a claim few can match in any genre.  The Best of
Guy Penrod highlights some of Guy’s musical history while
escorting the viewer into the home and farm of Guy, Angie
and their children.  Living the country life and being a family
man (father to 7 sons and 1 daughter) are a significant part of
the personality that is Guy Penrod.

Blessed Assurance is the brand new release from Guy.

Read the complete story in our
October/November 2018 issue