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2018 Look Book

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How Far is Too Far?

From first glance to final act,
sexual tension builds with every
step, so the “too far” point is
wherever that expression
changes from showing affection
to desiring sin.
MAN (What are His

What are you doing to impact
the people around you?  Do you
care about the welfare and
progress of the people around
you? Are you impacting people
positively for God? Are you
solving people’s problems or are
you the one creating problems
for people?
3 Reasons to
Celebrate & Revel in
the Single Life

Finding yourself single again
isn't always the best feeling. The
grief that typically accompanies
the end of a relationship usually
makes the transition quite
daunting. However, once the
grief is addressed, the single life
is truly something to celebrate.
So, rather than feeling ashamed
or fearful, have faith and focus
on these three reasons to revel in
your new-found independence.