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When God Breaks
His Promise

When life comes crashing down
around us, we’re left to face an
ugly truth. God didn’t keep His
promises. Our marriages smolder
in burning ash heaps. Our kids
are locked up in juvie. The
happiness we deserve got
flushed down the toilet when we
got laid off from our job.
7 Ways to Relax After

There are also those times
when you can’t switch out of
work mode, so you end up
stressing yourself out about
unfinished work and what’s to
come tomorrow. Those time are
the worst.
Sinful Single, Sinful

Despite my desire to love my
now-fiancé so patiently and
perfectly, the very same sinful
heart I had before the
relationship was still inside me.
And just like sin tends to do, it
began to bare its ugly face in
our relationship
3 Reasons to Stop
Flaunting What You've

I was in the grocery store
checkout line waiting to pay for
my basket full of food when I
glanced at the magazines above
the register (something I don’t
recommend) and saw a
magazine cover with big, bold
words that said