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The Top Eight Signs
of an Emotionally
Unhealthy Christian

When we get to a place of
spiritual or emotional weakness,
we have a tendency to perform
in hopes of proving our worth to
God or others. This is
debilitating and ultimately
It’s Not You, It’s God.  
Nine Lessons for

You risked your heart. You
shared your life.  You bought the
gifts, made the memories and
dreamed your dreams together
and it fell apart! Now you're back
at square one...what happened?
10 Sins that Clutter
the Heart (and How to
Remove Them)

Although transgressions like
bitterness, jealousy, and
unforgiveness are often
discussed, let’s look at a few
other sins – ones that blend in
with the current culture and may
be hidden within hearts and
justified in behaviors
5 Blessings I’ve
Found After
Experiencing Hurt in
the Church

Finding and joining a church is
a lot like the process of getting
married. From dating to defining
the relationship and then going
public, there are several
parallels. Unfortunately, those
similarities sometimes include
heartache too.