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Warning Signs of a
Spiritual Narcissist
The Spiritual Narcissist craves
control, and their highest
authority is always their own self-
reference. As a result, it’s not
uncommon for them to invade
the personal or private
conversations of others. They’ll
often do this under the guise of
“helping” or “correcting” fellow
Christians, but they have no real
interest in two-way dialogue.
How to Survive
Valentine’s Day When
You Are Single
If you’re single, and actively
looking for a relationship, then
February is quite literally the
worst month of the year.  You
can’t even walk into a
supermarket without being
bombarded by hearts, flowers,
and helium balloons covered
with the dreaded ‘L word’.
How to Keep Family
and Friends
Out of Your
Growing up, I’m sure we’ve all
heard, “blood is thicker than
water,” and “when all else fails
you’ll always have your family”. I
believe this instills the message
that family ties aren’t supposed
to be broken.
Surviving the First
Year After Losing a
Loved One
When my kids catch a glimpse
of lightning bugs for the first
time one summer, they assume
they’re battery powered. “Are
those little flashlights attached
to anything?” they ask.  “Those
aren’t flashlights,” I reply. “That’s
God’s little magic trick.
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